Our mission and values

The entire history of mankind confirms one truth – actions speak louder than words. It is not enough to come up with an idea, but it is necessary to have the strength to breathe life into it. That's why we created a club of successful people who are drive

“There are two approaches to success: the conventional one and the more challenging one. The regular one is what the one most common people do because it’s the easiest. The other one is more challenging and needs extra effort to achieve. The tiny difference between the two approaches creates a huge difference at the end. 0.03 sec. faster than your rival, one kick more, one stride more, a push more... That’s what divides regular human beings from champions, watchers from doers – an invisible line to overcome the challenge. We call it endeavors.”

In Decron Club we use our endeavors to provide people with the opportunity to touch things that they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to encounter. We deliver to them “treasures.”

We’re not considering coins just as reshaped precious metal bullion. Each coin is a unique treasure, based on ambitious goals, discoveries and experiments. Months of preparation and implementation are spent on each unique coin to provide it with a historical value from the very first stage, from its DNA. We create coins as no one has before.

Our main value isn’t in the precious metal itself, but those endeavors that are implied by each coin’s creation. We’re not just producing coins, we’re changing the whole modern perception of them.

DECRON Club - a collection of achievements